Gathered in His Name 2024 – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Join us for our first local family ministry event! We are so excited for what God has for this year and can't wait to gather together in His name here in our new hometown of Athens, GA. 

This three-day conference has something for everyone. You don't have to be a homeschooler, you don't have to use our curriculum, and you definitely don't have to find a babysitter because we gear our meetings to the whole family (or sneak away by yourself). If you haven't been to one of our events before, please note that this is not your typical homeschool conference. We don't have vendors (though we will have Gather 'Round books available to look through and physical books to purchase and take home to save on shipping). We don't have multiple speakers—you'll be hearing from Rebecca and her family for most of the event. Truthfully, we don't even talk about homeschooling that much. Instead, Rebecca speaks whatever she feels led—she is passionate about sharing not a pre-planned session with steps to success but rather a now-word and only what is on the heart of the Father. Think of it as less of a conference and more of a family retreat. Each session will start with worship, there will be times of prayer, times for fellowship and connection, and so much more! 

This years theme is Restore. If your family has felt disconnected or at each other's throats—come. If you have been dealing with depression and darkness—come. If you are at the end of your rope—come. If you need encouragement and prayer and to cut through to the heart of the matter—come. If you feel your heart burning in your chest as you read this or your pulse quickening—come. And as we gather in HIS name, let's see what God will do when we give Him the reigns and say "Your kingdom come, your will be done." 

I feel it in my bones He's about to move. 


-the schedule is always subject to change. The event requires no outside food and catering is costly so if we don't get enough interest in the men's breakfast, teen night, or ladies tea, those will be cancelled and we'll do something else instead. 

-there is a local splash park a few minutes away that we may hang out at, but that is dependent on weather, so again—we'll see what happens. 

-Rebecca and Jonathan have chosen to not do room blocks for this event due to the high cost of the rental as it stands. Because there are options for camping nearby, airbnbs, and so much more, they wanted to leave it open to you to find affordable accommodations for your family.

-Parking at the event center is not cheap (nor is anywhere downtown or even at the downtown hotels). We will be setting up a group in the app for people to plan and chat together, and we recommend carpooling where possible. If you want, see if you can find some people from the same area as you to stay nearby and get to know better! 

-We don't have the full plan for livestreaming finalized yet and, in our experience, things can often go wrong. Please note that if there are technical glitches, the recordings will be available to you after the event to watch. Live attendees get the recordings for free as part of their ticket purchase. 

-Kids are FREE under 18. As a large family, Rebecca and Jonathan understand the cost of family travel and don't want to penalize you for that. Your only cost will be teen tickets (to help cover rental and snacks) and adult tickets. However, we do need to know final numbers, so for any child who will not be on your lap, please do add a child ticket to your cart so we can make sure we don't oversell tickets. 

-There is no childcare available, but we will have student volunteers and some activity blankets throughout the room that you can come with your kids to if they need some activities. We also hope to have a back area where you can still listen for toddlers and nursing mothers if you want a bit of privacy or need somewhere for your child to move around. This place will not be supervised and so adults will need to accompany their children here. If the noise level gets too loud, we will have to ask you to take them out just for the sake of the recording and other guests, but remember that you will have access to the recordings as an attendee. 

-Tickets are refundable until April 17th (3 months prior to the event). Within 3 months of the event they are only 50% refundable and within 1 month of the event (June 18th and on) they are non-refundable so please plan accordingly and update us if you run into a snag. 

PLUS! don't forget to join our exclusive group and register your family on the app here. We need one registration form per family/group so that we have all the info we need to put together the event. The chat group is where we will be posting updates, schedule changes, directions/maps, lost and found, and anything else so make sure you request to join that on your phone!