Group Use – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Gather 'Round is the perfect curriculum to use in a group setting because it works for all ages! Whether you are interested in using it with another family, a co-op, a hybrid school, micro school, or even Sunday School, we've got you covered! Check out our brand new, easy-to-use, self-serve options below. We have simplified our group opportunities into two models and no longer require a license to be purchased for either one.

Homeschooling together is best for smaller groups that aren't as formal (such as a few families or two friends getting together) while the large groups and schools offers free sample packs, discount tiers, and allows for group ordering, but does require print. Both options require that materials are purchased for each student but you get to decide which one suits you better. With homeschooling together, each family would purchase their own materials while large groups and schools will do a bulk order to get the highest volume discount. Happy browsing! 

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