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Hi there! Welcome to Gather 'Round Homeschool! My name is Rebecca Spooner, owner of, author of Journal Me Organized and More Than Words Bible curriculum from Master Books, and speaker. I am a homeschool mom of 5 young children between grade 2 and grade 8 and have spent the past 9 years homeschooling as the human ping pong ball. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted homeschooling to be, then I discovered reality was far from it and then the real tragedy happened: I bought the lie that that picture wasn't possible. Homeschooling was just going to be chaotic and messy and stressful and hard and I had to accept it and grit my teeth and survive. 

But the thing is, the Bible talks about life and life ABUNDANT! I have always felt that God called me to homeschool my kids, and I believe that He desires it to be something that brings us together as a family, that is fun and full of life and joy and peace and curiosity and adventures together. I'm tired of saying this is it... I want more. 

For a year God has been drawing me into a picture of homeschooling and I have been podcasting about my discontent and exploring what true homeschool freedom looks like. I tried completely unschooling but I felt like an utter failure. There are too many kids with too many interests and I am tired guys. 

Then this year as I was praying and seeking Him for my business this idea literally popped into my head. I feel like I can still hear the words resounding in my mind, clear as day: "What if you could homeschool all of your kids... together." 

I started scribbling furiously in my notebook: units, all subjects, all grades, cohesive, engaging, challenging, curiosity driven, collaborative learning, coffee, fun, adventures, rabbit trails. Words... pictures of the homeschool I always dreamed of... more than that though I had hope! 

Gather 'Round Homeschool was born in a flurry, developed over a month, a sample was put together, a store was opened and it was available for pre-sale. I dove in with both feet, both hands, and my entire family (like it or not) in tow. Blind faith, that is what this curriculum was born out of. Blind faith and a wild idea that seemed impossible without the creativity of the ultimate Creator. 

Gather 'Round Homeschool is not just a curriculum, it is really an entirely new way to homeschool. Targeted lessons that challenge and inspire curiosity in our students and are age/stage appropriate. One beautiful teachers guide and then connecting student pages that spider web into the amazing connections of social studies, science, history, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, geography, art, Bible, and more! 

It is a way of life where education is about family connection and exploring together. It brings in hands on, it brings in Charlotte Mason, it brings in worksheets and lessons that make the subjects come to life. It is the ultimate unit study, but so much bigger than that. And at the end of the day, it is creating a community of homeschoolers that have one desire for their family: Life to the full. 

I could talk about it or you could just see it for yourself. Check out the free samples and see for yourself how this amazing program works! You can also join the Facebook group and our app (Apple or Android) to watch the community in action.

It is in development and this means that you get to be a part of it! You get to help create not just my dream curriculum, but YOUR dream curriculum. I am not some big mega company, I am a homeschool mom just like you, working with homeschool moms and dads who are helping design, write, and make this vision a reality. For more info, read the FAQ

Rebecca Spooner
Inspired, called, equipped

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change"
-James 1:17