2023 Unit Release Schedule – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada
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We're so excited about our 2023 Unit Release schedule lineup! We have some pretty amazing units coming, check them out! 

* Units with a star beside them are currently in progress.

Full Units:

  1.    Rocks + Minerals: Grow crystals, collect rocks, all the things! Released
  2.    Life Skills: Life skills, health + safety, manners, etc. Released
  3.    North American Forest Animals: It’s NAB, with forest animals! Released
  4.    Renaissance: Art, history, science, and Shakespeare!
  5.    Energy: Wind, solar, electricity, static, and more! * 
  6.    Unsolved Mysteries: This unit is a mystery!
  7.    Reptiles: Everything scaly and cold-blooded!
  8.    Music: History of instruments, hymn studies, famous composers, + more!  

Mini Units: 

  1.   Thanksgiving: * Both Canadian and US focus: differences, similarities, controversy, food.  1-week unit that can be done leading up to the holidays. Released
  2.   James: Based on the book of James in the Bible: our first Bible mini unit devotional!
  3.   Pets: All about domesticated animals! Horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, fish . . 
  4.   Alberta: Our first provincial unit! History, geography, landmarks, animals, economy!
  5.   Pentecost: * A short 1–2 day unit to be done leading up to or on Pentecost Released
  6.   St. Patrick's Day: * A short 3-day unit to be done on St. Patricks Day Released

*The ones with stars will be only 1–4 days worth of lessons.

Upcoming MP3 Teacher's Guides

Currently working on: Chemistry 
Just finished: Middle Ages
Next up: Entrepreneurship

Upcoming Lapbooks

Currently working on: Chemistry
Just finished: Middle Ages and St. Patrick's Day

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