Gathered in His Name 2024 Schedule – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Gathered in His Name 2024 Schedule

Thursday, July 18th

1:00pm New to Homeschooling
This free workshop is for anyone who is on the fence or new to the homeschool world. We’ll be talking about the nitty gritty of logistics, routines, what to expect, what I wish I had known before I started, and providing you with some easy-to-use tools as well. The session will end with a description about Gather ‘Round Homeschool, how it works, and how it can take the pressure off for your first year. There will be some dedicated shopping time for additional questions and answers as well.

5:30-6:30pm Check in/registration

6:30pm Session 1: Surrender
What does it mean to live our life fully surrendered? How do we walk in step with the Spirit? Have we truly made Him Lord of our lives? Do we hear His voice and follow His call? Rebecca will be talking directly to the kids in this session, too. Encouraging them that their faith has to be their own, not just their parents'. It isn't enough to go through the motions . . . we'll end with a call to salvation and rededication.

Friday, July 19th

9:30am Session 2: Devotion
In this session, we're diving deeper into the concept of dedication. What does it mean to devote our lives to the Lord? Why does our perspective on ownership vs. stewardship matter? God wants every part of us, not just pieces. What are we holding back? Our time will end with an opportunity to dedicate our children (or our families) to the Lord—a generation set apart for His purposes. “As for me and my house . . . we will serve the Lord.”

2:00pm Baptisms
We are debating setting apart some time for baptism as part of a response to our first two sessions. For those who do rededicate or fully surrender their lives, this is a natural next step of obedience and with families present, we wanted to create an opportunity. I’m not sure on the logistics of this yet, whether we will use a church or just meet in a field . . . but I wanted to leave space for the Spirit to lead.

6:30pm Session 3: Forgiveness
As we step deeper into restoration in the family, we're taking a moment to zone in on unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, and resentment from all sides. We'll talk about the effect of unforgiveness and the bondage it can trap us in and take some time to repent and allow the Lord to bring healing to our family relationships between siblings, parents and children, spouses, and more! Whether you're with your family or not . . . there's work to be done!

Saturday, July 20th

7:30am Men’s Breakfast
Join Jonathan for an encouraging session for men/teen boys. Please note this is a paid and ticketed event due to the cost of the catered breakfast. There will be meat, there will be coffee, and there will be stories. What more do we need to say?

9:30am Session 4: Cleaning House
As Christians, we are not immune to the effects of this broken world we live in. Good families come face to face with devastating realities such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, nightmares, and all sorts of spiritual attacks. This session is all about gates and gatekeepers. We'll talk in a practical sense about what open doors can look like and how to shut them. From apps on our tech to the company we keep . . . this session will end with a call to consecration.

2:00pm Ladies Tea (and picnic at the park)
We have two activities planned during this time, but please note if we don’t sell enough tickets, we will cancel the tea and just have a family picnic instead. Meet up with other homeschool moms during our ladies tea while the dads take the kids to a local spray park for some games and activities (weather permitting). If the weather is nice, bring a picnic lunch and come hang out right after the morning session. The Spooner teens will have some soccer balls, volleyballs, and more. More details to come.

4:00pm Pictures with Jonathan and Rebecca
We wanted to set aside some dedicated time for a meet and greet. If you want to snap a picture to remember the weekend or have a book signed, we’re making room for that!

6:30pm Session 5: Fill the House
Throughout this weekend, we are doing some serious work to bring our homes back into alignment with the life abundant that God desires for us. We'll end with a time of equipping and encouragement—a reminder that God has great plans for every member of our families. What can be accomplished as we walk forward in unity? Our final night will end with a time of ministry and prayer at the front—as we seek the Lord and ask Him to fill us afresh with His Spirit so that we can pour out on this broken world. Pour your Spirit out, Oh Lord, on our sons and our daughters, and may we walk forward forever changed!

*Proposed schedule, we reserve the right to change the schedule as the Spirit leads but wanted to give you an idea of what the Lord has laid on our hearts so far.