Intro to Psychology One Week Sample – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada
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Intro to Psychology One Week Sample

    Intro to Psychology One Week Sample

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    Curious about Gather 'Round? Try a free week sample of Intro to Psychology! This unit is one of our year 3 units and focuses on your thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, behaviors, personality, and so much more. You will discover where these come from, what is true, and how to manage them from a Biblical perspective. 

    Intro to Psychology is so much more than how the brain works. It is a philosophy unit, a history unit, a science unit, an art unit, and a Bible unit. Daily devotionals, daily journaling prompts, a color coded Teacher's Guide for varying attention spans (for the first time ever), daily Language Arts creative writing assignments, and lots and lots of hands on fun!

    For those of you who are totally new to, here is Gather 'Round in just a few words: 

    One topic, all grades, all subjects (Early Reader and above), one lesson per day, then assign your kids their notebooks! 

    That's it! There are about 5 pages per day per child, it takes a few hours in the morning, just add math (for Early Reader and above) ! It is open and go, there is a reading list but it is TOTALLY optional! There aren't really any other supplies needed! This is the easiest way to ease your way into homeschooling and see just how relaxing and enjoyable it can be! Try it out for a week!

    Not sure how to place your child? Learn more about how Gather 'Round works here.