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The First Christmas One Day Sample

    The First Christmas One Day Sample

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    Try out The First Christmas unit with this ONE DAY SAMPLE! Check below for a list of what all is included!

    As a mother of 5 young children, I was tired of Christmas being full of chaos. Here in a flurry and then quickly gone. All my plans and hopes and "This year we'll..." were left unfinished and I sat down after the hum of activity with a feeling of disappointment. I wanted to connect with my family, to focus on truth and spreading God's love and joy and peace to others, not just focusing on ourselves. I wanted Christmas to be meaningful and special and nostalgic and leave my children with traditions and closer relationships that they would look forward to year after year. Out of this desire from the heart of a mom, our Christmas unit was born.

    With a new name and cover to make things more clear between our two Christmas units, the First Christmas is designed to be used for the whole family, homeschoolers or non-homeschoolers, as a way to connect as a family and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. It is designed to be done 4 days a week for the three weeks leading up to Christmas OR do it the 12 days before Christmas as an advent activity (plus don't miss our Advent Add-on).

    The full unit comes with a beautiful list of picture books (one idea is to get them at the library, or click on the links to view on Amazon and wrap them each day to open and read together), 3 delicious baking recipes (one entirely new one), movie discussion questions, songs with music, words AND chords, and more! Each week you will be working on a gift to Jesus, doing random acts of kindness, making crafts, writing cards, and spending time together as a family making memories and remembering what Christmas is truly all about. This one day sample will give you a taste of how special this unit is!

    What's included in this sample?

    This listing is for a ONE DAY SAMPLE in digital (PDF) format. It comes with the downloadable files (you print) of: 

    -Lesson 1 The First Christmas Teacher's Guide and Student Books in all levels Pre-reader to High School 
    -Lesson 1 The First Christmas Teacher's Guide MP3 (see how the MP3s work!)

    See the full unit HERE!

    *This unit does not get into Santa Claus at all, and instead is focused entirely on Jesus allowing you to make of it what you will.