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Middle Ages MP3 Teacher's Guide

    Middle Ages MP3 Teacher's Guide

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    This listing is for an mp3 of the recorded Teacher's Guide. It is the same content as the Teacher's Guide but of course does not have the pictures and diagrams that are in the guide so we recommend it as a supplement to add to your lessons or give you a break from reading. These are wonderful additions to help you school anywhere you go!

    This unit is full of stories of battles and conquests, knights and chivalry, kings and queens, hardworking serfs and freemen, zealous beliefs and passionate calls for freedom, and so much more! This unit moves chronologically throughout the Middle Ages to show what life was like during this time period, what was happening in the rest of the world, and the big picture story of the ever-changing landscape and identity of Europe.

    Please note, you will still need to order separate Student Notebooks for each child. 

    Check out the free sample HERE to see what they’re like!