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Letters + Numbers Book 2 Sample

    Letters + Numbers Book 2 Sample

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    Try out our entire "Letters + Numbers" book series! This is a great way to find out where your children place with our preschool series. 

    This sample includes pages for our Letters + Numbers series book 2: On the Farm. The Teacher's Guide has daily reading that is perfect for shorter attention spans. Like our entire Letters and Numbers series, this covers all of your subjects and takes you through a Preschool/Early Kindergarten level in content for math, science, and language arts. Along with Book 1, this is recommended for 3-4 year olds or kids who need more practice. Hands on, engaging, and open and go, finally a program that you don't have to think about or prepare for!  Check out some of the main learning concepts below.

    Language Arts & Phonics: Uppercase, lowercase, and sounds N-Z, beginning and ending sounds, writing a letter, storytelling, alphabet order, etc..
    Fine Motor Skills: Scissor skills and using different art supplies.
    Art: Coloring, drawing, and acting out a story with puppets.
    Math: Numbers and counting 0-10, shapes, colors, patterns, number sequencing, measurement, parts & wholes, and more!
    Science: Horse life cycle, strawberry life cycle, source of food, what plants need, and more!
    Social Studies: Jobs & tools, past & present, cause & effect, thunderstorm safety, feelings, etc..
    Bible: Believing God’s promises, Ten Commandments, Emmanuel, ten plagues, etc..

    PLUS! Character building, narration, discussion, pre-writing concepts, life skills, and more! 



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