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Chording 101 Printed Book
Chording 101 Printed Book
Chording 101 Printed Book
Chording 101 Printed Book

    Chording 101 Printed Book

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    Welcome to Chording 101!

    This book will help you gain confidence and skills in chording for piano and guitar and is specifically designed for band or worship settings. Basic knowledge of these instruments is needed, as we won't cover fundamental notes or theory. This course is recommended for anyone who is currently playing in a band or worship setting (or wanting to) and best suited for Upper Elementary +. 

    We start with an overview of hand signals, including the Nashville Number System, and their use in live band or worship settings. You'll learn chords in each major key, how to read chord abbreviations (like dim or sus), and how to transpose. We cater to both those who need to understand the theory and those who prefer to memorize facts. Each key includes practice translating chords to numbers and a common worship song for practice.

    This optional add on listing is for the printed, hard copy (physical) version of the book. It will be printed single-sided in our warehouse on our high-end 32 lb bond paper (80 lb text) and bound on the left. If you have multiple students, you will need to purchase multiple books.

    We are also working on an online course for students who need more of a visual, coming soon! Keep an eye for it on our free app


    Cursive Writing Book: 44 pages


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