Gather Group (Co-op) – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Welcome to the Gather Group corner! This page is to provide you with all the resources and tools you will need to run a co-op using Gather 'Round Homeschool materials! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at where our groups coordinator would be happy to assist you. Otherwise, check out the simple steps to running your co-op below! 

Step 1: Purchase your licenses

Gather 'Round Homeschool is only licensed for individual families. The license does not allow you to share digital files, print off extra books for cousins, nieces, or nephews, or teach someone's child who is not your own (other than grandparents, which are allowed simply because we believe in multi-generational teaching models and therefore make an exception to our own rule). In order to expand your homeschool with our materials, you need to purchase a license HERE. We have made this as affordable as possible at only $5 or less for the whole year per family (not student) making it about the price of a cup of coffee. 

Buy now

Step 2: Register your Gather Group

Registering your Gather Group tells us whether you want to be publicized or kept anonymous, keeps your name on record so that we can send you any important updates, resources, or reminders, allows us to verify your purchase and send you your license, plus gets you access to the perks (keep reading for more deets). 

*Please note that we reserve the right to reject a group, to cancel a license if we find out that the terms are not being met, or to reach out and reassign as a hybrid if the Gather Group model does not fit your use. 

Step 3: Check your email!

We will be sending you some of your perks to the email you used to register within about 3 business days so check there! You will receive a coupon code that is applicable to be used the same number of times as the families in your group. You can pass that code on to your families and all benefit from the discount. Please note, each family will only be able to use that once so you will want to make sure that you plan which units you will be using so everyone can purchase their materials with the discount at once. Also note, if you have families who already own units, they will not need to repurchase. The only requirement is that they have their own materials (Teacher's Guide and student books for each student in their family). 

For a limited time, we are also sending Rebecca's hand-drawn student planner digital download for free to Gather Group with over 10 families that register by July 31, 2023. You are permitted to email this gift to each family in your co-op. 

Find a Group Near You!

For groups that have chosen to be publicized, you can check them out below and get in contact if you have questions or want to join an already established group.