5-24-22 LIVE! Let's talk about a giveaway, our free convention, and mo – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

5-24-22 LIVE! Let's talk about a giveaway, our free convention, and more about what is coming as we look forward together.

by Rebecca Spooner on June 03, 2022

Plus a bit of chaos with my kids who share what they think. #truthbombs #reallife #gatherroundhomeschool

Check out the giveaway and see the schedule for our convention:


1:30 Update on travels in the RV

3:55 Schedule for the online convention can be found HERE. It will be LIVE and more interactive. The theme this year is Sufficient. M-F will start off with worship and a word. There are several sessions, so check out the schedule. Bonnie, Rebecca’s mom, will be coming on! Q&A each evening (how to place your kids, reluctant reader, what is lifer, what are we offering for the future???????????). You don’t have to be using Gather ‘Round to be a part of the convention. Tons of sessions for Godly encouragement and more! So join us!

11:14 Giveaway during convention! Enter the giveaway HERE!

14:12 Back to School details—only sale of the year! Check out those details HERE!

Are you new to Gather ‘Round Homeschool? Try out a sample before you buy! Check them out HERE.

18:45 The Spooner kids share what life is like in the RV!

31:30 Rebecca addresses false representations online and how they handle these.

35:00 Lifer questions—best value, what’s included, etc. Is it the best choice for you? Also, seatwork in year 3, what is it?

38:50 Rebecca talks about Gather ‘Round Co-ops and Groups. More info HERE.

44:50 See Rebecca’s candy stash!

45:15 The Spooners discuss some differences between US and Canada.

47:40 Will there be a Year 5?? Or more? Will we backtrack and update previous units?

50:35 Wrapping up—property search, company plans, and more!