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US History 2 MP3 Stories (DIGITAL)

    US History 2 MP3 Stories (DIGITAL)

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    Our exclusive MP3 is a collection of 20 stories that go along with the lessons for US History 2. These stories are based off of Rebecca's son, Malakai, and his pet goat, Jax. Together they reimagine the events of history and experience it in a new way. The stories are relatively short (about 5 minutes long) and sneakily include everything that is needed to complete student notebooks from Pre-Reader to Upper Elementary. This means that if you have younger students, you can add this MP3 and you could have them listen to this exclusively if you are concerned the content in the Teacher's Guide is too advanced. 

    Alternatively . . . you could use this as a supplement to enrich your unit all the way up to high school. The stories approach the lesson in a new way, have engaging sound effects, and are recorded in a South African accent giving them a unique flair. You could read form the Teacher's Guide and listen to the MP3 stories over lunch, snack, or even before bed, to reinforce what was taught. Don't miss our coloring book that goes along with this, with coloring pictures of Malakai and Jax as they adventure through the 13 colonies of early America! 

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