LIVE Chat 11/27/23: Cyber Monday- Meet the Team! – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 11/27/23: Cyber Monday- Meet the Team!

by Rebecca Spooner on December 07, 2023

As a special event in honor of our sale, we thought it would be fun to meet a few members of the team to give you a real behind-the-scenes look at how your curriculum is created! I mean, you could sit the kids down and call it school y'all—think of it like a career day.

00:08 Welcome/Intro to today’s live!

2:23 Rebecca begins talking about how the process of creating a unit begins.

4:15 Meet Natalie who is on the writing team! She shares a bit about herself, what her role is, and shares her favorite thing about working at Gather ‘Round. 

  • 8:35 Natalie shows us a preview of the Renaissance lapbook

10:00 Nicole, our Writing Team Lead, jumps in to share what she does as a main student book writer. She also fills us in to how she first started using Gather ‘Round herself as a homeschool mom. 

16:15 Join in here to meet Haley who is a part of our proofing team. Haley shares what her role includes for bringing a unit together as a part of the pre-proofing side of the process. 

  • 18:51 Rebecca chats about how the process of creating a unit has improved since the beginning and grown. 

20:33 Esté, one of our illustrators, hops on to let us know where she fits into the unit process. You can even catch a couple of examples of her work and hear how long artwork can take. Esté also homeschools and shares what it is like to work and homeschool and how she balances it all. 

26:00 Next up in the process is Stephen from the UK! Stephen is a designer for Gather ‘Round and primarily works in the ER-UE levels of the student books. Stephen homeschools along with his wife and shares what his work/life balance looks like, too! How do different time zones work for the team? Rebecca and Stephen talk about that here, too. 

31:00 Meet Patrick! He primarily works on the post-proof side of things and is quality control for all the books once it has been designed. Not only does Patrick share about his role at Gather ‘Round, he touches on what it’s like to be behind the scenes and work with others on the team. 

36:40 Rounding up the meet the team live is Carly from our Customer Service team! Carly really gives a glimpse into the heart of Gather ‘Round Customer Service. One person commented, “It’s like you’re giving me a hug throught the computer.” Tune in to hear what it’s like behind the scenes, how we stay connected as a team, and how there is even coordination in emails. 

44:08 Jonathan jumps in to give us a glimpse of how the printing and shipping logistics work currently. It takes a lot of work from the warehouse from coordinating ordering supplies to passing off shipments to carriers that go all over the world! 

46:30 Jonathan shares more about what he feels his role is as a supporter of Rebecca and this company. 

47:40 Our team is made up of families who are committed to homeschooling their own children but also committed to the call of working together as a team. 

48:43 God has called the Spooners to continue to grow and pursue what God has in store for them. Jonathan also shares a bit about what the future is looking like. 

51:15 Gather ‘Round is a large team of people working together and coming alongside of the Spooners and one another. Customers are also a part of what God is doing in and through Gather ‘Round Homeschool. 

53:30 Prayer is a big part of all that happens at Gather ‘Round. 

56:45 Wrap-Up