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Curious about how Gather 'Round Homeschool could work with your hybrid or professional co-op? The term "hybrid school" is fairly new, so let's start off with some definitions. Essentially, this is a growing movement of families wanting the best of both worlds: a private school and homeschool. Often families will homeschool at home multiple days a week and send their kids to an organized co-op other days of the week. This group may have one or more teachers, it may meet one day a week or more, but it differs from a normal co-op (our Gather Group model) in that it is a business model where teachers or an organization is being paid. As a business model, this requires a different license than a group of people who all own the same materials and are simply wanting to do their lessons alongside a community. 

We've learned that there are huge variations in hybrids. Some are much closer to a traditional co-op while others run almost more like a school with a teacher where the families do not use the materials at home at all. Creating a program that would work for everyone has not been easy, and we recognize that the shoe may feel like it isn't a perfect fit with some of the many scenarios. However, we have endeavored to create something that is simple enough to be handled more or less by the organizer and require a lot less back and forth. This means your orders can go through faster with you in more control of your own account. We've also increased the discount structure to make it more affordable for groups of all sizes. We hope it is a blessing to your group and if you have any further questions, feel free to email our school liaison at schools@gatherroundhomeschool.com


-must use materials printed by Gather 'Round Homeschool
-25% off 
-free digital Teacher's Guide to cast to your TV or projector for classroom teaching (to be used only within the classroom).
-you are also eligible to receive a coupon code for your group for 10% off to give to families (one time use per family). This is a great way to get the entire group a discount if you want them to do some lessons at home as well—as parents will need the Teacher's Guide to complete lessons. The most affordable way to do this is with the one student digital option. 
-access to a private group on the app for hybrid and school organizers where you can share ideas, ask questions, and build a network of support. 

Step 1: Purchase Your Licenses

No need to wait for us anymore! Snag you licenses HERE (you will need one per student in your classroom) and you are good to go. 

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Step 2: Register Your School

We've put the ball in your court! All you have to do is fill out the form below and we'll get it and let you know if your school is approved within 1–3 business days. You can now pre-register and set a start date for the future so that your license is only being applied from the day your classes start.  

Step 3: Check Your Email!

The same email you registered with is the one we will send the welcome letter to if you are approved. This email will include a personalized welcome from our school liaison as well as your next steps. It will also include a 10% off discount code for the families in your group that can be sent out. 

Step 4: Prepare your Order

We permit up to three orders for each school throughout the year. In our experience, most schools prefer setting things up this way with their first order including their Teacher's Guide's for their teachers and one of each level of book for planning purposes. The second order is usually the first order of the year, including about half the materials. The third order is often after Christmas and breaks up the materials both for budgeting purposes as well as to allow room for changing levels or numbers of students. The only downside to this structure is that it can end up being slightly more in shipping. 

You can now prepare your order yourself, adding what you need to your cart and saving it with our new save cart feature (this is available in both the cart and in your account buddy icon on the top right). You can even create a cart for each of your three orders to use for planning and budgeting! Once you are ready to proceed with an order, simply email your school liaison with your saved cart ID and they will convert it to a draft order and apply the discount (as well as make sure that nothing is missing). They will also check the shipping options to make sure you are getting the best deal for shipping. Finally, they will send you the digital Teacher's Guides of each Teacher's Guide in your order with a start date that matches the start date of your school year and an end date of one year from that to match your license. 

Step 5: Check your Order

When you get your books, we recommend opening up the box and checking everything over carefully—including looking inside the book to make sure that you have the correct levels and that everything matches your order. Sometimes mistakes either on behalf of the group or the warehouse are not discovered until classes are starting, and we don't want you to have any delays! Let your liaison know ASAP if you encounter any problems so that we can get you set up and ready for your first day! 

(Optional) Step 6: Follow up

Any additional questions you have, follow up with with your liaison. If you are ready to submit your next order, simply send a follow up email and we'll get you set up!