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Updates on Entrepreneurship, our 2022 Tour, reviewing co-ops, memberships, emails, next Lifer Live, Easter, and more!

by Rebecca Spooner on January 25, 2022

3:00 Unit suggestions to do with your family. 

5:55 Co-ops and groups: We've noticed some people ordering Student Book and not a Teacher's Guide. Teacher's Guide is required with this curriculum. Again, you can find out more about Co-ops/Groups HERE

7:45 Memberships: You should be getting emails (check spam folder). Please add support@gatherrundhomeschool.com and memberships@gatherroundhomeschool.com to your contacts.

8:20 Re-release of Easter on Jan. 31st!  Mark you calendar and get your order in as soon as possible!

9:25 Convention dates: Check out more HERE!

10:10 Tour update! We are getting our RV ready. Jonathan is taking his airbrakes test tomorrow (1/26) so pray for that! Also, pray for our visas to come through by the end of this week and that there are no complications. Lastly, pray for no other delays. We are trusting God to release us to go to the states when He sees best! 

If you want to put your name on the map to invite Rebecca to speak or park in your driveway (it's a 42' motorhome, so that may or may not be possible) or just say hi, fill out the request form HERE.

14:25 Entrepreneurship is finishing up and should be released next week (no exact date).

17:05 Operating as usual during conventions and US tour. There will be no closure for our warehouse in Canada during this time. There are no foreseeable delays in production. The year 4 unit schedule will be released after the first convention. 

24:05 Vikings and Chemistry are up next in our Year 3 Units! 

27:05 Wrap-up:  Hearing God’s voice… The more time you spend in His Word, you become more familiar with His voice. Also, hearing God’s voice takes practice. God is going behind us and before us and faith is key. We are walking in faith! We don’t have certainty but we keep walking in faith and keep surrendering to Him daily. And the peace that comes from God in this journey is truly amazing!

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