An update on all things Gather 'Round! – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

An update on all things Gather 'Round!

by Rebecca Spooner on February 09, 2021

Updates, Easter, Transportation, all the things!

  • Introduction, PSA: Very cold in Canada
  • 1:30- Merchandise is coming!
  • 4:45- Botany update
  • 8:00- Easter update
  • 20:50- Underground to Canada Book (more are on order, will be here in a week or two)
  • 21:45- 1st Edition Sale update (will be February 17th tentatively)
  • 25:13- Ancients Cursive done, God doesn’t make mistakes update
  • 25:50-Ready to Read book 4 update, theme is Savannah
  • 27:00-Christmas and Easter will be seasonal, Christmas will be rereleased October 1st.
  • 28:00-There will not be a sneak peek for Ready to Read 4
  • 28:30- Explains method for introducing alphabet in Letters and Numbers
  • 33:00- Addresses Teacher Companions
  • 35:00- More US History mini units are coming (4-6 total) 2 and 3 will be released before the end of this year.
  • 35:45- Will there be more than 4 years? Shares story of listening to God and Holy Spirit regarding this, homeschooling, marriage and life. Future of the company, ideas, and vision.
  • 43:00-Who am I to talk about (marriage, homeschooling, parenting)?
  • 50:00-Nashville Teach Them Diligently, Rebecca will not be attending due to COVID restrictions and guidelines.The other two conventions are still up in the air. Will depend on restrictions.
  • 54:00- Our convention :) Professional videos, captions and more, it is FREE
  • 55:00- How you can pray for Gather 'Round