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Updates and Q & A with Rebecca!

by Rebecca Spooner on February 01, 2022

Updates: Entrepreneurship, Vikings

1:15 Entrepreneurship Update - finishing up and hoping to launch tomorrow!

1:45 Digital Downloads - Where do I find the digital downloads that I purchased? Also, a reminder to store your digital files either on your computer or with a service such as Google Drive or iCloud.

3:10 Easter has been relaunched! Check it out HERE and the special we have for a Print + Digital combo: 10 lessons… think of it as a family devotional. If you want to order print, please get those orders in as soon as possible. We want to make sure you get it in plenty of time. 

7:00 STILL waiting on our visas! We will hear something this week regarding them. Continue to pray.

8:00 Teacher’s Guide MP3s - We are working on them sequentially in Year 3. We are finishing up Dinosaurs, then Psychology, Easter, and Entrepreneurship!

8:45 Vikings - I am vision casting the first lesson and diving in. We will probably move through it sequentially and historically. There will be a possible add-on of a lap book and diorama, but I am not locked into that just yet. Stay tuned.

10:20 Entrepreneurship - Everyone should do this unit! It’s about being flexible and character traits of someone who is persevering. There are a lot of treasures to be found in this unit.

12:45 Growing Up with God - I am looking for help to finish writing this one. There is no timeline for completion but I am hoping it’s out this year.

15:10 Grandma B is working on a MP3 sample of all the student books in Psychology. Then, we will look for your feedback and see if it’s something we want to do moving forward.



-Things to occupy boys ages 7-11 while I am reading the Teacher's Guide
-Each kid learns differently. Check out this learning style quiz HERE!

-The Challenge of Homeschooling
-Year 3 add-ons

-Homeschooling in the RV
-Conventions, curriculum, and fear of missing out

-My kids are behind… help!

-Homeschooling and “hitting a wall” at this time of year
-Finding inspiration in this season

-Future of homeschooling and connection with others



43:00 2022 Tour - If you want to put your name on the map to invite Rebecca to speak or park in your driveway (it's a 42' motorhome, so that may or may not be possible) or just say hi, fill out the request form HERE.  Also, we are hoping to meet with some co-ops and groups on the road. I’m excited about the future and what that might mean for Gather ‘Round Homeschool!