Update on all the things + FAQ – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Update on all the things + FAQ

by Rebecca Spooner on August 18, 2021

Update on all the things

0-12: Worship

12-22 : Update on Living off the Land and Dinosaurs, spiritual attacks on the family and company. Things to pray for. Living off the Land set to launch on August 23rd, and USH 3 on August 30th.

23- : Answering your questions

  • Math, Rebecca's recommendations, and frustrations on math
  • US History dates covered, MP3s, stories and more
  • Lifer packages update
  • USH 3, Living off the Land, Indigenous People, Underground to Canada, all pair really well together as far as history and the time period goes.
  • Rebecca's favorite units so far: Indigenous Peoples, Inventions and Ideas, Artists and Living off the Land.
  • Open to ideas for Christmas including recipes!
  • Minecraft update, hoping to launch it next week
  • App is for adults only (the Gather 'Round app)
  • Language arts is all built into Gather 'Round, we do not have any outside recommendations.
  • More discussion on math
  • Apologetics will be largely included in dinosaurs, bible curriculum would be ideal, no idea if or when that will happen.
  • Does Gather 'Round align with Common Core?
  • What positions are available within the company?
  • Update on move to the states