Sale and Membership Details – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Sale and Membership Details

by Rebecca Spooner on June 22, 2021
0:00- Intro: Sale Details, Membership, Preoder, Goal to Simplify
4:00-Sale 15% off everything except Lifer! No codes! Biggest Sale every done, Includes Membership and Preorder Year 3
6:55-Talks about adding the 2nd operation in the States, Digital will be included if purchasing Print for 3+ students for Membership or any of the Years. She predicts this will be the last time it is offered
9:35-Membership Details, Reworked, See the new Graphics
Fledgling is every other month-5 units
Full 10 is every month and 10 units
Discusses how it works,
16:40-Magazine details
18:25-MOmber Membership Details for the Lifer Membership, Membership Questions answered
28:10-Lifer Details, Meetings, How it works, Newsletter, Lifer Digital is not going away
29:50-More Membership Details answered-Fledgling ships every 2 months
31:56-US Warehouse Vision-Second Place not leaving Canada
33:00-Discusses Pre-Order and the sale plus future unit ideas and how the vision casting works
36:43-1st Shipment for Membership and how it will work, Plan is to ship first order by mid August
38:40-Booklists being pulled from Teacher Guide and added to resources list, along with videos, links etc. Given before unit releases, this will help with planning and the files will be clickable
39:35: Seatwork VS. Cursive-New Seatwork journals coming! Something exciting to look forward to
43:45- Future of Spelling discussed in how Year 3 is tentatively planned, Send feedback if you have to Rebecca listens and reads those
46:50-Merch Update-A lot still left! Not getting anymore until we sell out of most, also no room right now for anymore
48:30-Sale helps to add a second location in the States
49:55-Share about the Convention organically which in turn shares about Gather 'Round and the sale. Convention is FREE!
51:50-Minecraft Server is done-Probably only open during the afternoons due to monitoring, Working on getting terms and conditions so everything can be safe and the risk/rules are clear etc. Her sister is going to be working on this.
54:05-Rebecca's Grandpa is doing better! Praise the Lord! He is out of the ICU. He did not have to go back on the vent.
55:12-Gather Groups are done. There will be no more of them due to the lack of orders.
56:00-Copyright-Everybody has to order their own curriculum, no sharing, photocopying, no teaching to other children outside of your immediate family,
If teaching outside of your family it is a Hybrid School and you need a special Teacher's License. Email .
59:30-Closing in prayer if you have questions email or use the live chat. Also make sure to register for the Convention!
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