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Performance and Perfection Unnecessary

by Rebecca Spooner on October 05, 2021

Some changes, some mistakes . . . Feeling pressed, a bit struck down, but not destroyed.


12- Lifers there is a video for you coming in the lifer group in the app.

13- Some honesty and emotion. Year 3 schedule is delayed by a month. Psychology and Medieval Times will be swapped. This will allow there to be a more diverse order instead of all history first half and heavy science second half.

18- For the print versions, some Christmas covers may be old version. Content is the same.

20- Pray for the company, direction, busyness, and just rest and peace so writing can move on. Update on move to US and trouble getting Visas.

23- Once we have a US address we will be able to avoid banks not allowing foreign transactions. Looking at areas where we can fly in and out directly.

27- Update on MP3 Dinosaurs (delayed) as well as update on positions within the company, staffing holes, etc.

29:30- A few sneak peaks into Christmas Around the World. Lots of info her. This will be an amazing unit!

38- Closing out, pray for our team, our printers, we need them!