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News and Updates

by Rebecca Spooner on May 18, 2021

2:00 Spooner’s experience with Covid-19, how they are doing now and how faith got them through.

10:00 Farming and Food-update, commercial farming, farm to table, types of farms, imports, exports, organic products, GMOs, etc.

12:00 Add on that is in Farming and Food – Shopping organizer and meal plan

13:00 United States History 2

  • Age level for US History
  • Stories in MP3 format to reach younger kids

17:00 Future projects and need for writers to join the team

Email Address for Writers:

Email Address for Feedback:

18:00 Editing, proofing, etc, how to submit edits, we are deep proofing units again. Sensitivity edit on Africa is being done as well.

22:00 Covid safety in the warehouse

22:30 Oceania name change to Oceania and Australia

-DAAG is back in all Year 2

-Recipe book

23:30 Price list with current prices, sale prices, and price changes is coming out

24:00 Christmas and Easter are not in the May sale but WILL be in the July sale

25:00 Planner and student tracker are on sale – May 26

25:30 GR Membership – Full membership and mini memberships

- We may do a special Lifer for those that purchase the membership

27:30 Convention – July 5

31:00 Convention is free during the week of convention only for live and replay only

-Lifetime access to convention will be available for sale

-Registration open beginning of June

32:00 Issues with customs and merchandise orders

33:00 GR expansion into the US

41:0 Convention – how much streaming

-4 sessions per day

42:00 Licensing Issues – Gather ‘Round

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