LIVE Tour of the Gather 'Round Tour Bus! – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada
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LIVE Tour of the Gather 'Round Tour Bus!

by Rebecca Spooner on February 23, 2022

Join Rebecca & Jonathan for a tour of their RV, see some messy, real, and raw, and hear a bit of what they are doing on the road and their future plans!

Start  Bus tour!

23:00  Update on life since barn fire in the fall.

25:40  Where are we headed next? Don’t forget - If you want to put your name on the map to invite Rebecca to speak or park in your driveway (it's a 42' motorhome, so that may or may not be possible) or just say hi, fill out the request form HERE.

37:20  Upcoming Conventions! We will possibly do some meet and greets at some of the conventions. Be on the lookout for Events to be posted for each of these!

41:35  Family life in the RV

50:15  Wrap-up. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram for updates. Weekly highlight videos by Caleb will be posted. We are changing it up on next week’s LIVE!