LIVE Chat 7/11/23: Personal update plus some details about Life Skills – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 7/11/23: Personal update plus some details about Life Skills!

by Rebecca Spooner on July 15, 2023

It's been a hot second! Join us in our RV in a campground as we share some personal updates of what God has been doing plus I'll be talking about life skills and some of the incredible things to expect so far! Let's chat!

00:36 Welcome!

3:20 What have the Spooners been up to? They share a little about what’s been going on lately, where they’ve been, the search for a property… walking through this season of life. 

13:55 Gather ‘Round Updates: Launched Middle Ages Teacher’s Guide Mp3 and Rocks + Minerals full unit. Multiple units and projects are going on in the background. For the upcoming unit schedule, North American Forest Animals and Energy have been switched. 

15:34 Life Skills is well on its way! 

19:40 When will there be another sale? 

20:40 Listen in here as Rebecca discusses more details on Life Skills and what will be included… very interactive and motivating! Besides life skills, we’ll also include Bible skills. 

31:25 Will there be more pre-orders in the future? What about dates for releases? 

37:11 Retreats, events, and requesting Rebecca to speak… what the future could look like. You can request Rebecca here:

43:05 Work for Gather ‘Round Homeschool– Rebecca shares a bit about what the company is looking for. You can see open positions and apply here:

48:00 What are deep dive edits and how often are they done? 

49:30 Weekly Seatwork pages are now in our Freebies section on the app and will no longer be in the student books. 

51:50 Logistics of how reserving a place to hold a Gather ‘Round event could work. 

57:50 Jonathan and Rebecca wrap things up by talking a bit more about what they are looking for in a property in the US. 


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