LIVE Chat 11/9/23: Let's Talk Health! – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 11/9/23: Let's Talk Health!

by Rebecca Spooner on November 10, 2023
Updates, behind the scenes, and a real chat about taking care of ourselves.

00:17 Welcome

1:04 There are new digital bundles available for most of our mini units and our seatwork.

5:43 Check out our events on the Facebook Page HERE to see all of the lives coming up in the next month or so. 

8:10 Renaissance update

8:38 Rebecca decided to juice cleanse. Find out how it went…
  • 11:12 Day 1
  • 11:46 Day 2
  • 13:06 Day 3 & 4
14:25 How did the other adults in the family do with the juice cleanse? Rebecca has begun researching “Now what?” after her cleanse.

15:20 Rebecca talks about some possibilities of what her diet might look like moving forward and whether she would do it again.

17:43 Ask God, “What do I need for my body?” Everyone is built differently, and their needs are different.

18:50 Making things from scratch.

20:39 Hormone health, healthy fats, and taking vitamins.

25:15 Seeking the Lord even with our health

32:08 How are spelling and vocabulary words chosen for each unit?

35:46 How Rebecca’s family uses the vocabulary words

37:44 Question from a viewer: My friend feels like it’s taking too long to do all their schoolwork. Any advice? Rebecca breaks down some options and ways to use Gather ‘Round.

42:25 Will Rebecca continue to write new units after Year 4 is complete? Listen in here to learn about some possible future plans.

44:55 Besides curriculum, what else does Gather ‘Round have a vision for?

48:05 Wrap-up