LIVE Chat 11/9/22: Worship, new releases, new merch, updates, and more – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 11/9/22: Worship, new releases, new merch, updates, and more!

by Rebecca Spooner on November 10, 2022

Come let us return unto the Lord… we have lots to talk about but I felt the pull to start with worship.

00:20 Join Jonathan & Rebecca for a time of prayer and worship

12:00 Prayer

17:05 New releases! Rebecca shows the new writing tracks and My Side of the Mountain Mini Unit Novel Study.

21:55 New Chemistry Periodic Table Puzzle available HERE!

22:30 There is new merch available on the websites (Rebecca shares about sizing and even has on a lot of the merch in this video)

24:15 Rebecca and Jonathan reflect on the Edmonton retreat and what to look forward to for the US retreat in April 2023. Find out more info and register for the US retreat HERE!

36:10 What launches are coming up? National Parks one-day sample that includes a lesson from the teacher’s guide, all student book levels, both cursive and manuscript seatwork journals, and even the TG MP3 from that lesson!

41:50 Sports + PE and USH6 are tentatively going to be released before Christmas. Growing up with GodGod Doesn’t Make Mistakes, and the Gather ‘Round Homeschool Magazine are on deck as well but we are uncertain about the release dates.

44:00 Year 4 units that are scheduled to come out in 2023 can be found on our website HERE and Rebecca talks about all the behind-the-scenes things going on.

46:58 What will Growing Up with God be about? Rebecca chats a little bit about what God is laying on her heart.

53:15 Listen in here for a few words from Rebecca on dealing with shame and guilt from the enemy.