LIVE Chat 10/31/23: Did somebody say sale? – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 10/31/23: Did somebody say sale?

by Rebecca Spooner on November 01, 2023
We've been praying about how to fund our new build plans and have decided to do a one-day sale this fall. If you haven't tried Gather 'Round before, or maybe you’re even brand new to homeschooling and overwhelmed with curriculum (or wondering if you can do this), this curriculum is the easy way to homeschool. If I can do it, so can you. Try it at a discounted rate coming soon!

00:10 Welcome

2:25 What did you miss in the last newsletter?
3:40 Jonathan + Rebecca give updates on life, some future plans, and more!
  • Moved into their new home in Georgia
  • Potential land and plans to build a warehouse
  • The why of having a sale
  • 11:45 When?
  • 12:18 What kind of discount will be offered?
  • 13:20 Pay it Forward- what is it, and how does it relate to the sale?
  • 14:30 Jonathan explains a bit about our scholarship program
  • 21:10 What will be available during the sale to purchase?
22:36 Building the warehouse, hiring, future plans

26:20 Jonathan and Rebecca share their heart about ministry and the urgency to reach families
  • 29:00 How can we reach families?
  • 32:50 Gather ‘Round is a vehicle
  • 35:00 God is raising up a generation of mighty ones/warriors
  • 36:05 Homeschool is powerful
  • 39:16 The most important thing in homeschooling
  • 42:33 Opportunities to share the Gospel through homeschooling
45:00 Wrap-Up

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