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LIVE Chat 1/17/23: The philosophy of Gather 'Round and some of our more FAQ's!

by Rebecca Spooner on January 19, 2023

Do you have a burning question about Gather 'Round? Come and learn more about our approach to reading, what the seatwork pages are, the differences between the years, and more! Let's talk philosophy! Plus, a few updates!

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1:50 What will be in this LIVE (FAQs, updates, questions at the end)?

3:15 We are redoing our read thru the Bible in a year plan! Listen here to find out how this will work. It’s going to be a great resource with a ton of bonuses! 

8:00 Growing Up With God and US History 6 updates 

18:55 Rebecca discusses the FAQs we hear often:

  • 19:00 What are the differences between the years?
  • 25:25 What is the weekly seatwork found at the front of the Student Books?
  • 30:05 What are Seatwork Journals (writing mechanics)?
  • 36:09 Do you have to do 10 units in a year?
  • 37:53 How do I fit in the mini units?
  • 39:20 How do I cast my Teacher’s Guide to the tv or use the books digitally?
  • 42:39 Can Gather ‘Round Homeschool be used secularly?
  • 44:39 Is Gather ‘Round Homeschool accredited?
  • 46:25 Did you know we have resources for all of our units?
  • 53:15 Do I need a Teacher’s Guide and Student Books to complete a unit?
  • 53:50 Should I not do year 1 until it is redone? Will Gather ‘Round go back and make other units like the more recent ones?
  • 56:50 More about differences in the years…

60:00 Math may be in the future!

63:45 Closing/Wrap-up/Convention Schedule