LIVE 7/26/22 Homeschooling with the Spooners, Chemistry Experiment Boo – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE 7/26/22 Homeschooling with the Spooners, Chemistry Experiment Book is coming, update on upcoming units, and more!

by Rebecca Spooner on July 27, 2022

1:50 Homeschooling with the Spooners! Join Rebecca as she discusses some strategies she uses!
10:40 Rebecca discusses the importance of gathering together during the busyness for their family.
14:10 Let’s talk about follow through…
14:45 Chemistry Experiment Book is coming very soon!
15:40 Marriage and parenting chat with Rebecca
19:15 Middle Ages update
24:10 US History 6 is being written and an update on remaining year 3 units to come.
25:30 Middie Ages timeline (where the unit will begin and end with time periods)
27:20 Growing Up with God, National Parks, and My Side of the Mountain novel study update
28:20 God Doesn’t Make Mistakes—check out the Facebook post in the pinned section of our Facebook Group HERE and the submission form HERE.
31:55 Sale orders—most have shipped and should be wrapping up this week or beginning of next week (July 29-Aug. 2)
32:40 Rebecca shows the life plan schedule she created for her family!
39:00 See some Spooner farm animals!