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Ask the Spooner's Anything

by Rebecca Spooner on January 26, 2021
Live, with my kids, and a few updates
  • 0-5:00 Introductions and send Rebecca’s kids letters!
  • 5:00-What is Rebecca’s kids favorite unit-Asia, Space, Oceans, Artists
  • 6:00- Favorite toys
  • 7:00- Rapid fire one fun fact about each of the kids.
  • 13:00 Favorite worship song
  • 15:00: Kids leave.
  • 16:00- Easter is coming. So is Botany. Botany will include a nature journal and other fun adaptations. Careers and Trades are being started. Ready to Read 4 is late, original author is jumping in to finish it up. Plan is mid to late February.
  • 18:00-24:00 Life and property update with the Spooners.
  • 24:00-US History 2 and 3- Will be done after Career and Trades (April-May), Can choose any year you want to start with.
  • 26:00- Possibility of a bridge program for struggling readers who are too old for Letters and Numbers/Ready to Read but still struggling. Also how to get reluctant high schoolers engaged in school and take ownership of their education.
  • 29:00- Transportation is done, may be launching Monday
  • 30:00- Time Management document that goes along as an add on is going to happen! One for each level. Planner/time management/ tool will have copy work, spelling, etc right there to help them mark off and see goals that are accomplished.
  • 32:00- Underground to Canada book will be ready to ship out in 2-3 weeks.
  • 33:00- Overwhelmed with homeschooling encouragement
  • 38:00- Screen time and kids, parenting advice and failures.
  • 53:00- Skipping notebooking with younger kids who feel overwhelmed. Let them dive into what interests them.
  • 55:00- Struggling reader suggestions
  • 58:00- Video games and being a gatekeeper