9/1/22 LIVE A new launch, upcoming unit updates, podcast, and more… Tune in for some sneak peeks!

00:25 Intro/ Welcome/ The past few days

4:20 Sneak peek into Middle Ages—Rebecca flips through some of the Teacher’s Guide and talks about some themes throughout. Check out Middle Ages HERE! 

10:34 Thanksgiving Update! Rebecca gives a quick view of our Thanksgiving add-on and more!

16:18 Rebecca speaks a bit on her vision for Gather ‘Round Homeschool math… in the future. 

18:25 Canadian + US in-person Gather ‘Round updates. 

19:32 Rebecca answers a question about our seatwork. Retreat Canada 2022!

22:10 Sports + PE 

24:40 What if I feel like I’m always “behind” with homeschooling? 

28:22 Podcast Update-- Gather ‘Round with Rebecca Spooner

30:05 National Parks of North America and My Side of the Mountain novel study unit updates