Updates, license details, new forms, scholarships, new units, current – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Updates, license details, new forms, scholarships, new units, current units....and learn more about our upcoming tour!

by Rebecca Spooner on January 06, 2022

Come learn about some changes, some license details, some new forms coming up, info
about scholarships, new units, updates on current units, and learn more about our
upcoming tour!

3:15 Gather Round Homeschool US tour is coming up quickly and we are preparing by getting our RV. Will be heading to Texas first. The Spooner family would love to meet you during their time on the road!

6:30 Digital Files- There has been some misuse with digital licensing for personal use, as well as co-ops, groups, and schools. We are reassessing what we are doing with digital and looking into our options.  

18:10 Scholarships- There is a new form. We will choose twice a year, January and June. Check out more HERE.

19:45 Military/Missionary Families Discount—There is a new form for these families to fill out and it’ll be good for the calendar year. Check it out HERE.

25:05 Rocks + Minerals was moved to Year 4. If you pre-ordered Year 3, please check your email or get in touch with us at support@gatherroundhomeschool.com about your options.

26:40 Vikings will be after Entrepreneurship in the line-up for Year 3.

28:10 US History 4- Covers WWI and WWII. It will be released sometime next week! And there will be a timeline add-on. The hope is to go back and have a timeline for all of the US History units.

29:55 We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as there have been set backs,
staffing shortage, etc. But, we are moving forward on faith and God is providing.

33:15 My downloads: where do I find them? There are now two websites: US and Canada.
If you are a Canadian customer and are having trouble accessing your account, reach out to support@gatherroundhomeschool.com so that we can send a link via email to activate your account.

35:35 Entrepreneurship update—writing is coming along and it’s going to be a very valuable
unit for the whole family.

46:10 There is a new page for Co-ops/Groups. Check it out HERE!

47:35 We’d love to get together with you on the US tour and there is a form to submit for a request for the Spooners to hang out in your neck of the woods! Click HERE for more info! Also, we are unsure if there will be a Gather Round Convention in 2022, but we will keep everyone posted.

50:25 Conventions-
1. TTD Round Rock, TX March 31-April 2
2. Called to Teach Dallas Fort Worth, TX April 21-23
3. TTD Pigeon Forge in TN May 5-7
4. THRIVE NCHE in North Carolina May 26-28
5. Called to Teach The Woodlands, TX June 2-4

52:25 Wrap-up- There is a now a customer service phone number 1-844-GATHER4.
We are accepting applications (writers, illustrators, and more). Click HERE to apply!