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Sometimes we just need permission...

by Rebecca Spooner on April 20, 2021

Some homeschool encouragement as you tackle this week with the (hopefully) warmer weather. Plus (of course) news and updates.


Need some encouragement in your homeschool? Rebecca is sharing some encouragement and giving you all permission to

  • Adapt your curriculum to fit your family's needs
  • To skips pages and activities that do not bring life to your homeschool and is not bringing value to your home.
  • Dive into something that engages and brings excitement to your child's education.
  • To not use the book lists!
  • To find your own tools that fit your children's strengths and weaknesses

23:05-Talks about membership, gives more details. Membership will also be available for lifer.

25:25- July 5th-9th is our back to school special and online convention. Membership will be available then. Talks more about convention planning. Pre-registration should be available end of May. Looking for an editor for video production, send us an email if you think you are interested in this. Email session ideas at

28:27- Talks about the student tracker. Goal is to have it out in the next couple of days. Digital will be available quarterly, print will be available for the year.

29:13- Creepy Crawlies is almost finished. Hope to be launched next week. Changes are made within this unit for grammar, vocabulary, etc. Let us know how you like it!

35:30- Update on our possible move to the US

39:19- Answers a few membership questions. Dismisses in prayer. As always any questions email us

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