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Sneak peek of Psychology, updates, and more!

by Rebecca Spooner on December 15, 2021

Our last live of the 2021 year (at least our last formal one). Come chat with us about psychology, what to expect in the new year, our holiday closure, and more!

1:30 Psychology out tonight (Dec 15) and some insight into unit and add ons. Resources and Booklist already on online resources from GR website. Also, introducing color-coding levels. Lots of Bible, language arts.

13:15 Seatwork and future writing mechanics to be offered

15:50 Motorhome update and trip to US for conferences this spring. Touring the US in between conferences. Finding a US location for the new warehouse.

28:30 Updates on releases

  • Psychology – live on site today (Dec 15) Warehouse is closing from Dec 23 -Jan 4.
  • US History 4 coming by mid January. Timeline book addon.
  • Entrepreneurship coming out by end of January. Including budgeting, business sense, economics, kingdom minded business practices

Any ideas you wish to share for upcoming units, email with unit in the subject line.

38:20 Psychology – mental health and tools for understanding how to deal with struggles. Devotional about emotions.

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