LIVE Chat 11/27/23: Cyber Monday Sale Kick-Off + Q&A! – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 11/27/23: Cyber Monday Sale Kick-Off + Q&A!

by Rebecca Spooner on December 05, 2023

Live kickoff! Ask your questions and let me help you shop!

00:05 Join Rebecca and family as she makes her coffee! 

4:50 Rebecca answers a question about the history of flight and if it is any of our units.

5:27 When will James be released?

7:00 Rebecca talks about our catalog, pricing, and the sale a bit!

8:35 If you are brand new to Gather ‘Round, Rebecca gives some insight on what you may want to start with as far as our units. And, just some homeschooling tips in general. Our catalog is super helpful with some ways of helping you decide on a unit, too!

12:15 What are the differences in the student book levels?

16:00 The Catalog is a helpful tool on where to start with your student as well as being able to see our units in order of release in the very back.

17:40 Rebecca talks a little about some differences and features in our different units.

19:50 Christmas Around the World… and adaptations!

21:14 How does the Fitness Plan work?

24:20 What are the main differences between N. America, N. American Forest Animals, and National Parks of N. America?

29:40 Do you have any units that “match up?” Rebecca talks about how Gather ‘Round has minimalism and balance. Also, how our add-ons are truly add-ons.

31:42 Rebecca talks about order with our history units and a bit about world history for high school.

34:43 Would Dinosaurs, Rocks + Minerals, and Earth Science overlap or compliment each other?

38:32 What is the teaching style like with Gather ‘Round Homeschool? Listen here to learn about a bit of how it works and some of the backstory.

43:39 What does Ready to Read come with?

44:35 Accommodations/Recommendations for a student with dyslexia

46:40 Listen here for information about our Ready to Read program!

50:40 How to get Rebecca to a convention near you and future Gather ‘Round events

51:40 Why is schoolwork taking all day? Rebecca shares some tips.

55:55 “I have 2 boys ages 9 and 12. What would be a good unit to start with?”

58:06 Apps that will let you highlight or add textboxes on top of the text. We don’t allow editing on our digital files and they are password protected. This is to keep things safe and secure and protect our files from being changed.

59:20 Wrap-Up