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LIVE Chat 11/14/23: Dealing with Guilt

by Rebecca Spooner on November 15, 2023

Guilt is a real thing: mom guilt, homeschool guilt, house guilt—you name it, it's out there. Come take a break and be encouraged!

00:10 Welcome!

1:38 Prayer

3:32 Guilt/Shame—Rebecca talks about what demands her time/energy and how that can contribute to feeling like a failure.
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Parenting
  • Ministry
8:20 You can rise above the guilt and have victory.
  • Listen to the Lord in all things and run after that.
10:30 Rebecca talks about a dream she had recently about her family and children.

14:09 God fills in the gaps.

16:15 Holy Spirit, place me right where I need to be.

17:30 When you’re attacked or told you aren’t doing something well, take it to God; test it. Learn to submit all things to the Lord.

19:07 Romans 8:1—What is the difference between guilt/shame and conviction?

20:03 John 10:27—The more you are walking with God, the easier it is to hear His voice.

23:27 Test everything with the Word of God.

26:00 God can use anyone and anything.

27:39 Galatians 5:1—Life abundantly, free, and full in Christ

28:55 God is not looking for us to be perfect but obedient, humble, willing.

32:30 God is always working in our journey.

34:29 1 John 1:9—Confession is a powerful tool.

37:00 Confession is related to revival and revival is coming.

40:33 Vulnerability

43:00 Share your struggles and watch the breakthroughs happen.

45:08 Taking your thoughts and emotions captive—2 Corinthians 10:3-5

46:50 Speak the Word of God. It can destroy strongholds.

48:05 Rebecca shares a resource for help with finding verses that target what you may be struggling with.

49:15 God wants a relationship with you!
  • Pray for open ears and eyes.
  • Pray for God to change your tendencies.
  • Spend time in the Word of God.
52:30 Closing Prayer

54:20 Reminder about upcoming Facebook Lives

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