LIVE Chat 1/24/23: How to homeschool multiple ages with Gather 'Round – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 1/24/23: How to homeschool multiple ages with Gather 'Round + some updates!

by Rebecca Spooner on January 25, 2023

In today's live we'll be talking about color-coding, some of the challenges of doing it all, keeping everyone engaged, and making it through your day without a second application of antiperspirant!

00:25 Welcome

2:25 Specific prayer request for the Spooner tour

3:00 How is Gather ‘Round Homeschool designed to work with multiple ages?

8:00 Tips and Strategies for making Gather ‘Round work?

9:10 What is the color coding found in some of the Teacher’s Guides and how did it come about?

18:50 Notebooking

23:00 Reluctant writers

25:10 Teaching and Student Book work ideas

33:00 Units that were favorites with the Spooners

37:30 Update on where writing is at for US History 6

41:57 St. Patrick’s unit, Growing Up with God, and Rocks + Minerals are coming!

44:20 Two new Bible Reading Plan products are on our site! Check them out HERE!

47:35 Battle Plan Concordance and Journal coming soon!

51:57 Pray with the Spooners as they get ready to go on tour

53:17 Gather ‘Round In-Person Retreat is this April… Pray about coming! God is going to do something great! It’s going to be a time of connection and worship.