Join in as we discuss some of the news behind the scenes and clarify a – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Join in as we discuss some of the news behind the scenes and clarify a few new things!

by Rebecca Spooner on January 19, 2022

1:10 Brief intro of Gather ‘Round Homeschool

1:40 Growing Pains

2:30 Living Off the Land MP3 Teacher’s Guide released! Check it out HERE!

5:45 Your feedback matters! Reach out through Facebook or send an email to

7:30 Entrepreneurship Update: Keeping up has been tricky, but we are still pressing forward. Not sure of an exact launch date. However, progress is being made!

10:15 We picked up our RV in Washington! It happened quickly, and made it back home after 3 days on the road. We are now prepping our family for the tour and taking care of last minute things. Pray for our Visas as we are hoping to leave in the next 3 weeks or so. 

15:00 You can fill out the form HERE to request us at your church, co-op, etc..! 

20:30 Here, we discuss the vision for a US location for expansion.

23:00 Our Instagram was hacked, but after a long process, we now have it back! God is good and we will not let the enemy still our joy! 

31:30 Updates to our Military/Missionary Discount! You can get all the info HERE!

35:30 Group use: If you are teaching anyone else besides someone in your immediate family, you need to contact us HERE

40:40 If you or someone you know needs financial assistance, you can find out more HERE!

41:30 More on Entrepreneurship: Notebooking, unit project, and samples coming. It’s a deeper unit but fun!

48:50 Wrap-up: Pray for GRH staff and stay tuned on social media for more updates!



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