Changes, Announcements and MORE! – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

Changes, Announcements and MORE!

by Rebecca Spooner on April 13, 2021

0-4:00- Welcome and breakdown of what this live will cover

4:00- price increase on digital only going up on June 15th by $5 except for 1 student digital, year 2 and year 3 lifer will also go up in price. Also raising the price of lifer to $299 for lifer year 2 and year 3. Adding recipe books for Australia and Oceania that will be added in the next couple of weeks.

10:00- Big announcement!! As a company, they are praying and leaning towards having a US base. If you know of a warehouse or property that is available that you think may work, email us

17:00- Year one only sale on Friday! Year 1 digital will be $100 off, year 1 units individually will be digital or print at 10% off, year 1 print deal (free shipping, purchase for 3+ students you get digital free, 6+ students also get lifer for free). There will be a similar deal on year 2 at the end of May. However, Lifer Year 2 will be $299.

19:00- Explains Lifer, it is all of the extras at a deal of 20% off. This includes mini units, cursive, recipe books, etc. Also get a gift and access to quarterly lifer meetings.

20:30- Membership will be available for year 3 moving forward. It should be available starting with our convention in July. This will be for print only and purchased in a one year format. However, you will be able to choose your units each month (two months in advance), you will be able to change levels, add in extra items to help save shipping, etc. This is like a build your own bundle option. Coming for year 3!

22:30- Sale will start at 8AM EST (states PST but then changes it to EST at the end of video) and will end at 8AM EST Satuday morning. Breaks down other questions related to the sale and membership. Ready to Read and Letters and Numbers year bundle will be included in Friday’s sale. International customers email us for shipping quotes. Year 2 sale will come after Farming and Food is released at the end of May. Merch will also be 10% off on Friday. Print Botany posters will also be going up.

31:00- High School record journal, still working on this. Will allow your high schooler to log their time, grades, credits, goals, etc. Great resource for high school parents!! Print will be a year, and digital will be quarterly.

37:00- Update on morning, life, etc. Keep them and the company in your prayers. Goal to release next US History end of May, and the last US History for year 2 end of June.

39:00- Update on convention and production of videos. Share a little more about where they are considering planting the US warehouse.

47:30- Summary of sale details.

50:00- Breaks down a summary of farming and food and starts sharing some on homesteading.

55:00- QR codes are being added to the student books for videos and resources related to the unit.

57:00- God doesn’t make mistakes-still need submissions! Gather groups deadline is end of May. You need 5 families and you get 20% off plus free shipping! Wrapping it up! Email us if you have any questions.