LIVE Chat 10/12/22: When your kids don't want to do school – Gather 'Round Homeschool Canada

LIVE Chat 10/12/22: When your kids don't want to do school

by Rebecca Spooner on October 13, 2022

I've seen a lot of posts about kids who just aren't that into school. Parents spend hours, days, weeks trying to find the right curriculum, the right decorations, teach with the right inflection and enthusiasm, only to have their kids pretty much scorn their feeble attempts. Parents go to bed feeling dejected, like they just aren't cut out for this. If this is you, we need to talk.

00:55 Intro/Welcome

4:10 Step #1: As the parent, do a triage/preliminary assessment of what you’ve been doing

9:30 Step #2: Stop asking people and ask God 

10:12 Step #3: Ask your family and bring them into the conversation

13:00 It’s okay to stop and take a breath

15:35 Our kids need a wake-up call 

19:55 Teaching kids to think for themselves 

22:40 Our kids need us to say “enough”

25:50 Our kids need character

27:38 Hard work and good sleep matters

28:42 Laziness, excuses, and procrastination– Rebecca shares how getting out of what’s comfortable helps with motivation

32:00 What do you homeschool?

37:20 Raising kids to be adults who are confident in who they are in Christ

42:55 Rebecca shares her vision for Gather ‘Round Homeschool retreats and how it involves kids

45:40 Listen here for more Canadian retreat info and the US retreat (more info HERE) 

50:12 Have you listened to the latest podcast

51:05 Update on shipping from one-day sale and when our holiday specials end


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