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Back to school SALE, Online Convention, Chemistry, 2022 Tour Update, and More!!

by Rebecca Spooner on May 03, 2022

5.3.22 Live

1:20 Pigeon Forge convention this week! Please stop by the booth and say hi, hear Rebecca speak, look at samples, and enjoy the convention sell pricing! Convention starts this Thursday!

3:18 Online Convention 2022- will be on Facebook platform more than likely. Super simple… FREE! Videos, maybe worship, maybe daily shopping tips/guidance

5:14 Back to School Sale! Bookmark this PAGE where we will be posting about all the details soon! Lifer will be available and this is the last time it will be offered.

7:27 Back to School Sale and Online Convention Dates - June 13-17. More info will be posted HERE soon!

12:35 More emails coming—to remind you of sale details, online GRH convention, etc... We want to make sure you don’t miss any of the info!

13:50 Bible Reading Plan 2022-2023 cover to cover Bible in a Year. Check it out HERE!

14:50 Magazines are being worked on. First release coming this spring, hopefully. A Bible Reading Plan (3 year possibly) and undated.

16:00 Chemistry! Challenging to write this unit for all levels. Making it real… real life chemistry. Lots of connections to the world around us. Middle and high will have an extra page for more in depth dive into Chemistry. Experiment Book will come out later and is being worked on. Chemistry will have a poster. A puzzle will be offered at a later date as well. This unit points to God and will fill your kids with wonder! This is truly a unit for the whole family.

20:45 Medieval Times- already being written and we are hard at work on that. We want quality over quantity. Schedules are proposed and we are trying our best to stick to those. Medieval Times will have a lapbook add on.

23:27 Year 3 units on the schedule are coming. The proposed release schedule is HERE.

23:49 Cursive- available in our seatwork journals (beginning in year 3). This is extra language arts practice and can be purchased in manuscript or cursive. But they are an add on.

24:39 Digital is non-refundable. Also, note: if you are having printing troubles, be sure to check out our printing problem page where you can also watch Rebecca’s video specifically about that HERE.

29:10 Last year of selling the years and lifer. The next year, may do a mix and match type sale.

32:00 What does lifer include? Each year is different. The mini units for that year PLUS extras; posters, journals, cursive writing, recipe books, etc.

34:30 We don’t offer a One Student Book for our mini units. It comes down to the time and investment put into those mini units.

37:30 Will there be more than 4 years? Who knows. We would love to do math possibly. Stay tuned! When we do it, it’s not going to be like anything you’ve seen. It may go thru pre-Algebra.

42:05 You can see the rest of year 3 schedule and the year 4 schedule HERE.  Growing up with God release is scheduled for August.

43:30 Customers from 60 countries have purchased from us! That’s why digital is such a great product. Teacher’s Guide MP3 is a wonderful tool but you still want to make sure you have the physical Teacher’s Guide. You won’t get the whole experience, you’ll miss the day at a glance, important pictures, and other important details.

45:25 Teacher Guide MP3’s will be released for all year 3 units. Vikings is releasing now at one a day and Psychology will follow up next.