Year 3 (HARD COPY)

Year 3 (HARD COPY)

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**Download the full scope and sequence PLUS see the booklist, planning pages, the certificate and other bonus downloads on our resource page HERE.  

This listing is for our 9 main units that were released in year 3. Choose your notebook level(s) and we'll send all your materials for the year! We'll take the work out of it and you'll have a gorgeous finished product and your school year will be ready to go! 

If you order a pre-reader level, you will be reimbursed $100 to account for the reduced size of that level.

Each unit includes: 

• 20 lessons (designed to be done 4 days a week OR for 4 weeks at 5 days)
• Beautiful, full-color Teacher's Guide
• Student Notebooks for the number of students you choose
• Each student notebook (except for pre-reader) will be 100+ pages (about 60 pages double sided for printing) and all levels early reader and above include (but aren't limited to) Bible, Writing, Geography, Social Studies, History, Art, and Science.

The year 3 units you will receive with this bundle are:

  1. Living off the Land (Homesteading, canning, dehydrating) 
  2. Dinosaurs (with a Creation focus) 
  3. Psychology (behavior, cognition, dreams, development, the brain, and more) 
  4. Entrepreneurship (math, business) 
  5. Vikings 
  6. Chemistry 
  7. Middle Ages
  8. National Parks of North America (camping, survival, ecosystems, animals)
  9. Sports and PE

    These Teacher Guides are for home-use only with one household. If you need a Teacher's Guide that is licensed for use outside of your immediate household, please visit our Co-op Groups section to request a School Edition Teacher's Guide.

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