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Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)

    Vikings Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)

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    **Download the full scope and sequence PLUS see the booklist, planning pages, the certificate, and other bonus downloads on our resources page HERE.

    Vikings is a unit about exploration, adventure, and courage. It follows the story of a small group of people who had a big impact. Students will learn about famous Vikings, the Viking way of life, and how in a short amount of time, everything would change. Conversational and full of fascinating stories, the whole family is going to remember this one! The writing project for this unit is writing a story, and we have an optional writing track to walk students through how to do that step by step each day. For the first time ever, we implemented an index in the back of the Teacher's Guide to make things easier to find, plus check out our brand new scope and sequence with a skills checklist—divided by lesson! We also tried our very first lapbook add on for this unit, with mapping, timeline figures, and cut outs that can be pasted to make a memorable folder presentation. You can do this in addition to your notebooking page, or instead of it (though there are some additional activities in the notebooking pages especially for older students to add additional enrichment). Students are encouraged to draw, paint, or make 3D objects to add to a diorama as they go through the lessons. Be as hands-on or hands-off as you want with the many adaptations available in this unit!

    What's included with this purchase?

    This listing is for the printed, hard copy, shipped-to-you Teacher's Guide. It does not include the student books. The day at a glance and answer key is now included with the Teacher's Guide rather than a separate companion. 

    ***You may also choose the option to include the Digital MP3 Teacher's Guide Add-On to go along with the Hard Copy Teacher's Guide. 

    All of our print books are printed on 32 lb. smooth Xerox paper (80lb text). The Teacher's Guide is bound on the left side with plastic coil binding and books are shipped usually within a few business days.

    How does it work? 

    Each of our full units incorporates all your subjects (but math) for all levels from early reader through high school. There are 20 individual lessons, designed to be done 4 days a week for 5 weeks or 5 days a week for 4 weeks. The lessons include grammar, Bible, Writing, Spelling, Geography, Social Studies, History, Art, and Science.

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    Don't miss our add on's for this unit! 

    Writing Track:
     The Writing Track for this unit is focused on a short story and is not required or necessary, it is for people who want more handholding and daily instruction to break it into more bite sized pieces. This is available in HARD COPY and DIGITAL and is not recommended for younger students as it is primarily focused on students who are already writing. Recommended for a mature Early Elementary student or Upper Elementary student. For younger students, there are so many options in this unit, you could skip the story writing and go with the diorama, presentation, and lapbook instead! This unit is stockpiled with options! 

    Lap Book: This is our very first Lapbook! The lapbook will be available in DIGITAL (which comes with both levels) or HARD COPY/DIGITAL COMBO in one level of your choice. Students will add to it every day. *The lapbook is not required, it is built in to the notebooking pages. We have the same information (and sometimes more) on the notebooking page so students can either do notebooking and/or do it in a lapbook. 

    MP3 Teacher's Guide Narrated by Rebecca’s parents, Grandma and Grandpa B! Available HERE!