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US History 1-6 Bundle (HARD COPY)

    US History 1-6 Bundle (HARD COPY)

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    **Download the full scope and sequence PLUS see the booklist, planning pages, the certificate, and other bonus downloads on our resources page HERE.

    What's included in this purchase?

    This listing includes the physical, printed, and shipped format for our mini-unit series US History 1-6. Our mini units are 20 lessons long and designed to go along with and/or supplement our main units. They are not as in-depth or as large as our main units, with only 2 pages in each student book per lesson instead of 5. Our mini units are designed to be more targeted and focused rather than broad and far-reaching.

    This order is for the physical, printed, and shipped format of the US History 1-6 units, and includes:

    1. Teacher Guides for US History 1-6

    2. Student Notebooks for US History 1-6, for the number of students you choose 

    Your printed Student Books are printed on high end 32lb (80lb text) paper and coil bound with plastic coils in our warehouse on the left. The books are only about 44 pages long and are printed double-sided. 

    Upon purchase, we will begin processing your order. 

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    These Teacher's Guides are for home-use only with one household. If you need a Teacher's Guide that is licensed for use outside of your immediate household, please visit our Co-op Groups section to request a School Edition Teacher's Guide.

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