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Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)
Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)

    Dinosaurs Teacher's Guide (HARD COPY)

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    **Download the full scope and sequence PLUS see the booklist, planning pages, the certificate, and other bonus downloads on our resources page HERE.

    Don't miss our add on's for this unit:

    Flashcards: one for each dino we have custom art for, with quick facts on the back. These measure about 3.5x5 and are available here

    Poster: A 12x18 poster with each dinosaur we cover in this unit. 

    Dinosaur Discovery Book: this simple book is similar to what students already have in their appendix, but more. We include a place for notes on each type of dinosaur as well as space to draw each one. The Dinosaurs Discovery Book is available in Digital or Hard Copy.

    MP3 Teacher's Guide Narrated by Rebecca’s parents, Grandma and Grandpa B! Available here!

    MP3 stories A whole new way to experience the lessons! Available here!

    Coloring book
    This goes with our MP3 stories, available in Digital or Hard Copy.

    Daily Seatwork/Writing Mechanics These journals have it all-- spelling, copy and memory work, daily vocabulary practice, journaling, art, and more! They are specifically targeted to your childs age and ability. Available here in cursive or manuscript. 


    About This Unit:

    Dinosaurs follows the stories of adventure, discoveries, and key people who helped contribute to the world's understanding of these giants of the animal kingdom. Written in living book style, the lessons begin with daily devotional prompts, and each week contain a section about apologetics (specifically, how we know that the Bible is true). 

    **Download the full scope and sequence PLUS see the booklist, planning pages, the certificate and other bonus downloads on our resource page HERE

    The first lesson introduces the main theories about dinosaurs and the age of the earth, and invites students to ask big questions about what they believe and why. This is a core focus of this unit: mystery, discovery, not being afraid to ask questions, and seek and you will find. 

    For the first time . . . we do not have a writing project for one of our units! Due to popular request, we took a break from writing and instead focused on research steps, tools, and skills. Students will learn about the Dewey Decimal system, how to use a table of contents or index to find a topic. They will learn about keywords and safety on the internet. They will learn about reliable sources and biases and opinions. We hope that this unit will be a foundational one that will give some insight into how to find information. 

    We moved our notebooking and art pages to the appendix, so that students can rip out their pages to make their own dino discovery book with all the animals in one place. You can do this at the beginning and have your book as an add on, or at the end. This is a great way to show what you know towards the end of the unit! 

    Art is included in nearly every lesson and this time we did step by step! Middle and High School have an optional apologetics page (a sixth page) each day to go more in depth to the things they are learning about.  

    These are just a few of the things to look forward to this month. Take a look at the images to see a preview lesson! 

    What's included with this purchase?

    This listing is for the printed, hard copy, shipped-to-you Teacher's Guide. It does not include the student books. The day at a glance and answer key is now included with the Teacher's Guide rather than a separate companion. 

    ***You may also choose the option to include the Digital MP3 Teacher's Guide Add-On to go along with the Hard Copy Teacher's Guide.

    All of our print books are printed on 32 lb. smooth Xerox paper (80lb text). The Teacher's Guide is bound on the left side with plastic coil binding and books are shipped usually within a few business days.

    How does it work? 

    Each of our full units incorporates all your subjects (but math) for all levels from early reader through high school. There are 20 individual lessons, designed to be done 4 days a week for 5 weeks or 5 days a week for 4 weeks. The lessons include grammar, Bible, Writing, Spelling, Geography, Social Studies, History, Art, and Science.

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