Gather 'Round Convention 2022

Our convention is officially over, and I'll post all the links here for you. It is my prayer that God will use it in big ways, that it will bear much fruit, and that we can look forward with all anticipation to next years (hopefully) in person. If anyone knows any really cool event venues, hook me up! Catch up on the sessions you missed, and be BLESSED my friends!


How to Participate in the Convention

The online convention and our only sale of the year was entirely . . . online. That means you can join in in your PJs, from our living room to yours. Well, our living room just so happened to be a pretty tin can driving down the road in seemingly aimless pursuit of our new US warehouse, but it was definitely from our chaos to yours. This year our convention was live as opposed to pre-recorded, and it went all week long to accompany our sale. We only had one session about Gather 'Round specifically, otherwise it was all general encouragement applicable to anyone. The theme that God laid on my heart for this year was Sufficient and you can see the entire schedule below. We did the live event through Facebook, so you can access all of the sessions by clicking the links below. We also uploaded the videos to our free app (for those of you who do not have Facebook), and they will be available on our Youtube channel in the near future.

Each day of the sale started with worship and an encouraging word/devotional. A few hours later we had a homeschool session with Rebecca, and in the evening we had a super fun live Q&A session with Carrie (and some special guests) that will help you shop, place your kids, figure out where to start, and even tackle questions such as how this works for high school or special needs. We had one special session with Rebecca's mom, Bonnie (who you might remember from past conventions or recognize as the voice of Grandma B in our MP3s) and even a special session with Rebecca's dad, Dan (Grandpa B), where he speaks to the homeschool dads!

It turned out that the schedule wasn't as scaled back as I thought it would be, and the live portion of it made it a bit less staged and a bit more real. So I hope you are encouraged by these sessions and will share them with your friends!


 DAY 2



DAY 5: