Full Week Preschool Sample

It's finally here! Not only can you now see our four day sample, you can now order our entire "Letters and Numbers" book series!

ROUND 1: they will learn the letters and sounds, numbers, and pre writing skills

Book 1: 13 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print
Book 2: 13 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print

ROUND 2: again with the letters and sounds, more phonics, and then actual handwriting pages (learn how to form the letters)

Book 3: 13 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print
Books 4: 13 weeks $44.95 digital and $59.95 for print

Each book lasts 3 months and some kids might just need to hop in on the last two books. We plan on alternating between kindergarten and preschool and hope to be done all the books in the series by the end of winter, though possibly sooner. We will be able to stay well ahead of you and will release kindergarten next month in time to start your school year.

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