Upcoming Units

We launched this curriculum in August of 2019 with a plan to release a new unit study at the end of each month. Here's a look at our unit lineups.

2019/2020 Units (Year 1)

  1. North American Birds
  2. Connecting continents (Asia)
  3. Space
  4. Connecting Continents (Europe)
  5. Oceans
  6. Connecting Continents (Africa)
  7. Earth Science (we'll do weather, layers of the earth, etc)
  8. Connecting Continents (North America)
  9. Human Body
  10. End of May: Connecting Continents (South America)

Mini Units: Christmas (available again in the fall), Indigenous Peoples and US Government

2020/2021 Units (Year 2)

  1. August: Antarctica
  2. September: Australia and Oceania
  3. October: Artists
  4. November: Ancient Civilizations
  5. December: Inventions and Ideas
  6. January: Transportation
  7. February: Botany
  8. March: Careers and Trades
  9. April: Creepy Crawly Things
  10. May: Farming and Food

Mini Units: (3) US History, Canadian Government, Easter, and Underground to Canada

2021/2022 Units (Year 3 IN PROCESS!)

*Due to Covid19, the Spooner studio fire, and staff shortages, the year 3 proposed schedule timeline has been adjusted. Watch your inbox and make sure you are a part of our newsletter or check in on the app so you don't miss updates and new launches!

  1. Living off the Land (Homesteading, canning, dehydrating) Released
  2. Dinosaurs (with a Creation focus) Released
  3. Psychology and the mind (behavior, cognition, dreams, development, the brain, and more) Released 
  4. Entrepreneurship (math, business) Released
  5. Vikings Released
  6. Chemistry Released
  7. Middle Ages
  8. National Parks of North America (camping, survival, ecosystems, animals)
  9. Sports and PE

    Mini Units: (6) will be released throughout the school year.

    • Christmas Around the World (yes, the original Christmas will still be available) Released
    • US History 4 Released
    • US History 5 Released
    • US History 6
    • Novel Study: My Side of the Mountain
    • Growing up with God (puberty, healthy relationships, identity, not 100% sure where I'll go with it yet)

      2022/2023 Units (Year 4 UPCOMING!)

      *Below is the proposed schedule of units for Year 4.

      1.    Rocks + Minerals: Grow crystals, collect rocks, all the things! 
      2.    Renaissance: Art, history, science, and Shakespeare!
      3.    Energy: Wind, solar, electricity, static, and more!
      4.    Life Skills: Life skills, health + safety, manners, etc.
      5.    North American Forest Animals: It’s NAB, with forest animals! 
      6.    Unsolved Mysteries: This unit is a mystery!
      7.    Reptiles: Everything scaly and cold-blooded!
      8.    Music: History of instruments, hymn studies, famous composers, + more!

      Mini Units: The ones with stars will be only 1–4 days worth of lessons.

      1.   Thanksgiving: * Both Canadian and US focus: differences, similarities, controversy, food.  1-week unit that can be done leading up to the holidays. 
      2.   James: Based on the book of James in the Bible: our first Bible mini unit devotional!
      3.   Pets: All about domesticated animals! Horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, fish . . 
      4.   Alberta: Our first provincial unit! History, geography, landmarks, animals, economy!
      5.   Pentecost: * A short 1–2 day unit to be done leading up to or on Pentecost
      6.   St. Patrick: * A short 1-day unit to be done on St. Patricks Day

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